A Brief History of Anniversary Clocks

February 7, 2021 , Anniversary Clocks

We all remember the days when we would get out of the house and rush to the garden for an anniversary clock or a birthday present. But there is a world of difference these days between the types of presents that people want to get and the ones they get. People are less likely to be interested in getting a digital clock with all the bells and whistles, but rather they will go for something more simple with a little style. In this case the clock can be the clock face or the mantel clock. If you’re not sure which one to buy, then it’s worth taking a look at some of the latest wall and mantel clocks that are available, and also comparing these with some of the classic clocks that were available in the past.

Old style anniversary clocks would have been made from wood and would have had large numbers on them like the big ones you see hanging up on the walls. These days the range is much smaller, but what has remained is the beauty of the design, which is still very appealing. Classic clocks used to be made from metal plates with large numbers on them, but over time this has been replaced by glass and some other materials. The new funky clocks come in many shapes and styles, but the style that is really popular is the single winding, hanging from the wall, which can be suspended by a chain, or simply by itself.

Many of these are extremely ornate, while others are very simple affairs, with just the glass case and some engravings. The modern generation of clock makers have taken inspiration from both, although there are some old style clock makers who have not noticed the new styles. In fact many of the antique items of jewelry that collectors value so much are now very simple and functional, with very plain glass cases and no embellishments.

Modern stainless steel necklaces and watches make excellent anniversary clocks, as do crystal and other fancy metals, which are also becoming more popular. For years, there were only two kinds of pendulum balls, which were either wound up by an electric motor, or by a hand crank. The modern style has pendulum balls that run on a kinetic energy source, which is stored in a battery. As the balls spin, they make a beautiful sound, and the sound is then amplified.

Many of these are designed so that the actual brass or metal plated clock faces shine. There are inlaid gems and other decorations, as well as the basic brass design and scrollwork of the original design. There are inlaid quartz faces, as well as the traditional silver plated designs. Some of the inlaid designs are in the shape of musical keys, to keep track of the 400 days from the time of your anniversary.

Vintage clocks made from crystal glass, or other materials with high-quality craftsmanship will be expensive. However, most people appreciate the fact that the clock looks so beautiful, despite its high-quality materials. In addition, they are very sturdy and don’t break easily. No matter what kind of anniversary clocks you decide to purchase for your special day, make sure it’s a high-quality product, and you will have a happy anniversary.